About Hrh Prince Syed Aurangzeb Pirzada

Prince Syed is a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on his mothers’s side. On his father’s side he is a direct descendent of Sultan Hazrat Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, with whom the Prophet (pbuh) stayed for seven months at his home in Medina and became his close friend. They were also related as Sultan Ansari was from the Banu Najjar family of Medina. The Holy Prophet's (pbuh) great grandfather called Hashem married a lady named Salma from the family of Banu Najjar. Lady Salma gave birth to a boy named Abdul Muttaleb who was the grandfather of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. Sultan Al-Ansari later governed Medina and migrated with his army to establish Islam in Egypt and Turkey.
Being a great warrior, he defended all the battles and conquests in the region alongside the Prophet (pbuh) the battle of Badhr, Uhud and the trench. He was more interested in the goodness of Islam and justice, than being a Caliphate of one country and enjoying its comforts. He rested in Istanbul at the age of ninety eight. Sultan Ansari was proclaimed the Ist Sultan of the Ottoman Empire many centuries later by Sultan Mehmet II . The locality of his resting place is called " Eyup Sultan" in Istanbul. This sacred shrine includes a mosque built in his honor where many Ottoman Sultans were crowned and many nobles are resting near him. He led the path to one of the greatest empires of the world, the Ottoman Empire which included South East Europe, parts of Russia, Africa, Middle East and India. The Prince's family was one of the ruling classes in India. During the Mughal Empire in India, Emperor Aurangzeb, son of Emperor Shahjahan who had the Taj Mahal built, went to Mecca as the guest of ruler of Mecca Al Sharif Said ibn Saad to participate in the Holy Haj.The Emperor requested the king for an Imam to accompany him back to India who could verbally recite The Holy Quran. The king provided the Emperor with his royal relation named Syed Hafiz Jamaluddin, who became the head Imam of Jamma Mashid in Dehli, India and was the spiritual leader of millions of Sunni Muslim . He bought forty square miles. Over the years Jamaluddin who was wealthy himself, developed a Muslim town in India called Jullandhar. Over the next four generation, the Prince’s family owned twenty two villages, six hundred homes and three hundred commercial buildings. The Prince’s grandfather Syed Qazi Alam was the Imam of Jullandhar and was amongst the richest men in India and amongst the hundred richest men in the world. During the partition of India, surprisingly this town at the last moment was given to India via corruption. The Indian government and the army failed to protect the financial interest of the prince’s family. The prince’s grandfather was an Imam and did not have a private army. This would not have happened if Prince Syed Aurangzeb was born at that time. He would have had his army.

Photos of Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyup_Sultan_Mimbar     Eyup_Sultan_Mosque     stanbul_Mosque_Eyup

                  Eyup_sultan              Eyup Sultan Mosque Istanbul  

The mosque rises next to the resting place of Sultan Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari (Turkish Eyyub Sultan), the close bearer of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Some of the personal belongings of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are preserved there. This is the forth most important mosque in the world.

Letter of  acknowledgement by the direct descendent of King Charles II of England
Letter by the Prince’s cousin Lt. General of the very powerful Nuclear country of Pakistan

Members of the Working committee of the City Muslim league, Jullandhar India, 1942. The prince’s grandfather Syed Qazi Alam, second from left. His uncle Hamid Pirzada, third from left and next to Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The Prince’s uncle Syed Khurshid, a noble in Jallandhar, India.

The prince’s brother “ His Excellency” Khawar Pirzada, Ambassador of Pakistan to Spain presenting his credentials to King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Lord John Devere Beauclerk, here with his beautiful wife Asha and his wonderful daughters Kiatsi and Ania along with his marvelous sister Lady Carolyn French Blake, is a great friend of the Prince. Lord John is the son of the 13th Duke of St. Albans, a direct descendent of King Charles II of England.

The Honorable Robert Montagu, son of the Earl of Sandwich, is one of the prince’s best friend..
Prince Syed
Prince Syed with the D. C General Mr. Qamar Khokhar, a bright diplomat from Pakistan

The Prince Vikramaditta Singh of Kashmir with whom the Prince shared their fondness of Polo and dining. The Prince Vikram is pictured with his beautiful bride Princess Chittranagada Raje to whom the Prince was introduced at The Santa Barbara polo club.

Emperor Aurangzeb, the last of the Mughal supreme ruler of India. The Prince was named after him.